Magento Dev Best Practices

Creating Magento modules is one thing, but creating really well built modules that are well documented, have less chance of conflict, make it easier on the user, make it easier on the developers, etc. is a practice that is not often followed. I did a series on Magento Developer Best Practices, and below are all the links to the articles. I hope you find them useful and adopt them into your development practices:

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Hi Prattski,

    just been reading some of your mods – most impressive! Hey I was wondering if you can answer this question.

    I have a client who is running a magento store and I have recently started hosting it – after much effort I finally got the speed up and now I am experiencing a strange phenomena! The Wysiwyg editor is for products is working fine in Safari and EI, but not in firefox and chrome.

    And when my client logs into the back end in Australia (I am in NZ) the product pages don’t populate they just stay blank white. Weird – have you come across this issue before? Do you now the fix?

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