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New Online Help Service – Wizpert

Wizpert (, which is currently in private beta, is a service that provides people with direct and instant access to experts in specific fields (PHP Programming being one out of a very wide variety of topics). Currently, you do need … Continue reading

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WordPress: Just Upgraded to 2.7 – Wow!

When I saw that WordPress 2.7 released yesterday (Dec. 11th), I didn’t really think much of it. After all – I don’t have any complaints about what WordPress is doing for me now. However, I decided to take the couple … Continue reading

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Basecamp: New Info From 37 Signals

I was able to get in contact with a developer from 37 Signals over the weekend. I ran into some troubles finding a solid way to process the responses when you post, get, or put data to/from the Basecamp API. … Continue reading

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Basecamp API: PHP Class – Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 is now released. Please check out the Basecamp PHP Class page for new documentation and download information. There were a lot of changes, new methods (including file attachments), and bug fixes in 1.1. There’s still a lot of … Continue reading

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Basecamp API: PHP Class – Version 1.0 Launched

The time has come to launch version 1.0 of my Basecamp PHP Class. It’s by no means complete, but it does a majority of the main core features. So, instead of sitting on it for a while, I figured that … Continue reading

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Basecamp: PHP Class In Progress – Feedback Needed

I have begun working on a Basecamp PHP class (using cURL). I can certainly add in many of the basics, but I would love some feedback as to what YOU would like it to do. So, please write comments with … Continue reading

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Basecamp: API Examples using PHP and cURL (GET)

I began working on a project today creating a type of work-request form. We use Basecamp for all of our project management, but since it’s a paid subscription and not something that we have control over, any extra functionality must … Continue reading

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Twitter: Follow the Product Import Script on Twitter

There are definitely better ways to keep people up-to-date on a project that is often changing than a web page or blog posts. So, for little updates, and updates about the Magento Product Import Script that I am working on, … Continue reading

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If you haven’t heard of yet, you might be glad you came across this post. is a new website that offers free and unlimited 100mb file “drops” which you can make public or you can password protect them. … Continue reading

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