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Idea: Github Integration with Magento Connect

There has been some discussion about Magento Connect lately, so I wanted to help keep the momentum going with a suggestion of my own. The current system that Magento uses isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great either. One thing I … Continue reading

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Dependent Filters Module – Now on Github

Since I’m not going to bother with regular updates and support, why not make it free and accessible, right? I just put my Dependent Filters module up on Github for all of you to use. This module adds on option … Continue reading

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Netbeans: Display .gitignore File in Projects/Files

By default, Netbeans will ignore files such as CVS files, SVN files, dot files, etc. If you would like to have your .gitignore file displayed in your Projects or Files views, open up your Netbeans preferences, go to the the … Continue reading

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Git: Removing All .svn Files

I am just starting to get into git, so I’m still quite new with it. It definitely seems like it will end up being worth switching from svn to git. I just started up a new Magento project, and the … Continue reading

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