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Using The Magento Registry (Mage::register)

I was recently working on a module, and I noticed that another 3rd party module had some very poorly-written code in it that was messing up an after_save event that I was needing to work with. I therefore had to … Continue reading

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Long Awaited Update – Starting Up Again

It has been nearly a year since I have posted anything. I’d like to get posting again. The last year and a half, I have only been working on one project, which is on an older Magento code base, so … Continue reading

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New Online Help Service – Wizpert

Wizpert (, which is currently in private beta, is a service that provides people with direct and instant access to experts in specific fields (PHP Programming being one out of a very wide variety of topics). Currently, you do need … Continue reading

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Magento: Adding Items to Existing Orders

Modifying existing orders is always going to be a risky task, especially since orders have multiple states and statuses. Be careful when doing anything like this. I recently had a need to add an item to a bunch of orders … Continue reading

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Set Default Values For Attributes When Creating Products – By Product Type Too

I was asked today to change the default value of an attribute to something other than the set default just for simple products only when creating a new product through the admin. I found a very easy way to do … Continue reading

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Magento Dev Best Practices: Modifying 3rd Party Extensions

Often times there are occasions where you need to modify the functionality in a 3rd party module. If you find yourself in that situation, the best practice here is to not modify it directly. Write a module that extends the … Continue reading

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Magento Dev Best Practices: Module Naming Conventions

In Magento 1.x modules, there’s the potential to have files and folders dispersed all over the Magento file structure. Much of this will be resolved in Magento 2, but we don’t know when that will happen yet, and we will … Continue reading

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Magento Dev Best Practices: Event Observers

This is the fourth post in the Magento Dev Best Practices series. If you don’t know about and use Event Observers already, make it a priority to learn them. Throughout Magento, there are a lot of events that are dispatched … Continue reading

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Magento: Rewrite & Observer List Module

I am excited to announce my latest free Magento module called Prattski_ConfigXmlView. I wrote this module to solve a common problem that happens with modules and extensions: When multiple modules rewrite the same core file, or when observers share the … Continue reading

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Idea: Github Integration with Magento Connect

There has been some discussion about Magento Connect lately, so I wanted to help keep the momentum going with a suggestion of my own. The current system that Magento uses isn’t horrible, but it isn’t great either. One thing I … Continue reading

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