I’m Going To Magento Imagine / Update

I have been working full-time with Magento ever since 1.0 was released in March of 2008. That’s 8 years, and I have never once been to Magento Imagine. The company I work for now, Astound Commerce, is bringing me along this year, and I’m very excited to finally see it.

If you are going to be there and would like to try and meet, let me know! There are so many people in the Magneto community that I have met only virtually. Leave a comment and let me know if you are going to be there.

Also, as is clear, I rarely update this site anymore. It was really easy when I was always in development. However, over the last few years, I got put on projects on old Magento EE versions (I was on a 1.9 project for 2 years), and then I got moved to only fixing bugs all day every day. So, I wasn’t running into interesting, new, or fun topics to write about.

As of August, 2015, I transitioned out of development and into a Solutions Architect role. Then, in January, 2016, I transitioned again to the role of an Engagement Manager. This type of role is VERY different than a software engineer, but I actually feel like it is more fitting for me than development ever was, and I love it. So, now that I don’t do any development any longer, I don’t have any development topics to write about. So, I’m not sure what to do with this blog, especially since much of the Magento development content is quickly becoming outdated.

I’ll be thinking about it, but I’m open to ideas. If you have any thoughts on that, let me know! That’s all for now. Hope to see some of you at Imagine this year.

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