Magento: Rewrite & Observer List Module

I am excited to announce my latest free Magento module called Prattski_ConfigXmlView. I wrote this module to solve a common problem that happens with modules and extensions: When multiple modules rewrite the same core file, or when observers share the same name. It is also a good reference to quickly see all rewrites and observers.

Rewrites List

This view provides you with all of the rewrites for all enabled modules in the local and community code pools, divided into models, blocks, and helpers sections. It will display the core class being rewritten, the new class, and the module it belongs to. If there is a conflict (the same core class being rewritten more than once), the rewrites will be highlighted in red to show you where the issue is. This will not only allow you to quickly find issues, it will also be a good reference to show you all existing rewrites to help you when creating new modules to make sure the class you want to rewrite is not already rewritten.

Observer List

This view provides you with a full list of all event observers in the local and community code pools. The list is organized and sorted by event name and provides you with the event name, module, observer name, method, and scope (global, frontend, admin). If 2 or more observers have the same name, they will be highlighted in red and a warning message will be displayed. Like the rewrites list, this provides a view of all the active observers and highlights any issues.

Just the Start

I named this module Prattski_ConfigXmlView because rewrites and observers are just the start. This module is designed to be able to gather information from module’s config.xml files in the local and community code pools. If you have an idea that you would like to see this module be able to report, please submit a feature request under the “Issues” tab at GitHub, or submit a comment for this post.

Download at Github

You can get the module at github. I encourage you to get involved. If you find any bugs or think anything should be enhanced or anything, please submit it at github for this module.

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3 Responses to Magento: Rewrite & Observer List Module

  1. Have you taken a look at Firegento?. It does much the same thing but can also integrate with Firebug for Firefox / Chrome.

  2. Pavel Novitsky says:

    Great to see when one and the same idea comes to someone else other than you. :)
    Can I advertise my module with similar functionality? It analyses final merged config and gives final list of rewrites and declared observers.

    Looks like soon there will be a lot of similar extensions… What about creating one tool for investigation Magento config ?

  3. Nice module! It will help us a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.