Magento Extension: Prattski_SimpleDevToolbar

Yes, this is yet another developer toolbar. There’s plenty of them out there, but I wanted to make my own. Being able to see all the tons of information available for each page is nice, but I often don’t need all that information. I mainly just wanted a quick and easy tool to do the things I wind up going to the admin to do and taking 3+ steps to do it.

The challenge I created for myself had 3 requirements:

  • Be available in the admin and frontend
  • Require no templates at all
  • Do the few tasks I wanted it to do

I was able to accomplish all 3. A big thing I dislike about many of the other dev toolbars is that they often require you to put code in header templates, or modify other templates. I find this annoying for a tool like a dev toolbar because it makes it more annoying to install into projects that already have those templates modified. With the method I used, you can install it into ANY Magento site without conflicting with anything. And, the same code doesn’t have to be repeated to be displayed both in the admin and the frontend.

This extension provides quick access to the following:

  • Toggle Logging
  • Toggle frontend template path hints
  • Toggle profiler
  • Toggle all cache types
  • Flush cache if cache is enabled
  • Mark all unread admin notifications as read

I have this extension up on Github, so you are free to check it out, post bugs, post feature requests (but remember, this is a ‘simple’ dev toolbar, I don’t want to make it all crazy packed with things – but I am open to new ideas), contribute, etc. I hope you find it useful.

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3 Responses to Magento Extension: Prattski_SimpleDevToolbar

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  2. No screenshots? :( Magento dev toolbars face some stiff competition, you gotta have screenshots!

    • Josh Pratt says:

      You make a good point. I shouldn’t have overlooked that (though I did list everything it does). I’ll add them.