Magento Certified Developer

I am now officially a Magento Certified Developer Plus. I took the exam today and passed. I have been studying hard for the last month, and taking the on-demand Fundamentals of Magento Development course. On top of that, having worked with Magento for the past 4 years has certainly helped!

Looking forward to even more years in Magento!

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5 Responses to Magento Certified Developer

  1. The blog is absolutely fantastic. Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need. Thanks.

  2. MagentoEye says:


  3. G360 says:

    Congrats , all the best.

    Can you do one help for me. Will you guide me to do the Magento Certification.


  4. Marvin says:

    Congratulations! I just happened to stumble onto your blog today, after searching for an URL rewrite import/export module.

    However, your store is offline. Is the module still available somewhere (for Magento 1.6)?