Moving to Austin, TX

I have been married for 8 years now, and we have mostly lived up in the St. Paul / Minneapolis area of Minnesota. We’ve been talking about wanting to move down south for years, and we decided we just need to go for it. If we don’t just make the decision and do it, we may never end up doing it. Target time for move is June.

For those of you who might not know, it gets really cold here in the winter. We hate the cold. It just feels miserable. Average high in St. Paul in January is 27 degrees. Average high in Austin in January is 62 degrees. Yes, it gets hot in August in Austin, but I would take really hot over really cold any day. There’s also less daylight during the winter. In Austin, we’ll have nearly an hour and a half extra daylight at the peak of winter. Sunset in December here is at about 4:30pm. So, it’s dark when I get up, dark when I’m in the car going to work, and dark before I get in the car to go home. The only daylight is when I’m in an office building, and it’s too cold to want to go outside and enjoy any of the daylight.

The transition was made a lot easier with my current employer, August Ash, being willing to keep me on working remotely. So I will still have the same job. A huge plus of this setup is that I currently have to commute 45 minutes one-way. So I will gain 7 hours a week not having to drive a long way to work and back.

We have heard nothing but great things about the Austin area. If you have any suggestions about places to go, things to do, groups to get involved in, people to meet, etc., I would love to hear them.

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2 Responses to Moving to Austin, TX

  1. I can see wanting to get out of Dodge last winter, but this winter was pretty painless! I’m in Nordeast Mpls… born and raised and will probably die here :) I hear Austin is the southern version of our metro area, so good choice and good luck!

  2. Anne Johnson says:

    You and your wife will LOVE it in Austin, Texas. Smart move on your part.

    Headline after headline highlights Austin on jobs, economic growth, home sales rising, condo market spiking, retail and restaurants popping up everywhere, an extra measure in the talent pool, youthful yet a desired retirement town and the top 10 honors go on and on.
    Basically I am telling buyers to pay attention to the headlines and don’t sit this year out when it comes to Austin real estate. Austin is a reliable investment. Just watch this recent FOX BUSINESS news clip.
    And as Jeff Kolko, Trulia’s Chief Economist puts it “Austin and Houston are two of my five cities to watch. Texas isn’t hung over from the housing boom like the other big states of the South and West, so there’s little to hold back growth.” See the full story here.

    All the best,