Looking For Small/Medium Magento Module Jobs

I am coming back to the freelance market for a bit, and I am looking for small/medium Magento module jobs. If you or anyone you know needs any work done in this area, please let me know!

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3 Responses to Looking For Small/Medium Magento Module Jobs

  1. Hi Josh Pratt,

    I have followed your blogs for some time now (from UK) and I might need you to do some Magento jobs for me in a while. If it is alright, I will contact you when I am ready. But in the mean time congrats to your new start and best wishes.


  2. Abra says:


    I need an expand of your module dependent filters.
    look this example: http://onpressforless.com/product/8-5-X11-

    The price of the options depends of the quantity choosed. I’m thinking of a quantity discount in percentage depending on the selected amount

    thank you

  3. Jason Scott says:

    Hello Josh,

    We are currently using your image gallery module in Enterprise and we need to expand its capabilities to prevent duplicate images from being assigned to a product and to erase duplicate images where they exist. Is this something that you would be interested in putting together a scope and quote for? We would be ready to move on this quickly. Thank you.