Netbeans: Display .gitignore File in Projects/Files

By default, Netbeans will ignore files such as CVS files, SVN files, dot files, etc. If you would like to have your .gitignore file displayed in your Projects or Files views, open up your Netbeans preferences, go to the the Miscellaneous tab at the top, then click on the Files tab. You’ll see a “Files Ignored by the IDE” section there. That field accepts a regular expression string that allows you to hide files. I have Netbeans NOT ignoring my .htaccess and my .gitignore files, but ignoring all other dot files. Here is what my pattern looks like:

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5 Responses to Netbeans: Display .gitignore File in Projects/Files

  1. Just excellent. Opening gitignore files outside of Netbeans has frustrated me for too long. Thanks for this.

  2. Joseph Becher says:

    Thank you. Did exactly what I was looking for.

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