Very Frustrated With Magento Today

I am trying to get my Magento extension store up and running, and yesterday I thought I was ready to launch it. I was using, Downloadable Products, and Paypal Express Checkout. I had a friend of mine run an order through to test it out. Everything worked, except Magento failed to create the customer account during checkout, so he wasn’t able to download the extension! I searched around, and it seems like that has been a known bug for some time now, and still has yet to be fixed.

So, yesterday afternoon stable was released, and I figured they would have fixed the Paypal issue. So, I upgraded. Did a fresh file install on top of my database. I go to test it out and add a product to my cart, and then I get errors on the cart! It says “Some of the products below do not have all the required options. Please edit them and configure all the required options.”. Down on the product itself, it says “Please specify product link(s).” Here’s a screenshot:

1.5 Downloadable Product Errors

I even tried a completely fresh install, created a downloadable product, and still the same issue. I know it has nothing to do with any customization I would have done. So, Magento is completely useless for my needs right now, which shouldn’t be the case…

What is the best thing to do then when you find a bug? Report it on Magento’s bug tracker! Well, as of right now, when you go to report an issue, there aren’t any options in the drop-downs for the Magento version or priority! Yet another problem!

So, while everyone is at the Magento Imagine conference having a good time, I’m at home with a fresh copy of Magento that’s defective and will not even run my store. Definitely frustrating how new versions of Magento just continue to introduce bugs on already existing and working functionality. As far as I’m aware, I may have to go back to, as I believe all versions of 1.4.x and will not function properly for wanting downloadable products and Paypal express checkout. Can we say, “Unit Test” maybe?

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3 Responses to Very Frustrated With Magento Today

  1. Do not use on production website is because security flaw… You will shock when you see :)

  2. Daniel Ice says:


    Did you file the bug? What is the bug number? I would be interested in fixing this because I was going to try a similar setup.