Magento: Mage::getStoreConfig() and Cache

I was recently needing to regularly access config values in Magento that can change frequently. My module was working as needed until cache was enabled. I remembered then that Magento stores all of the configuration values in cache. To remedy this issue, I put the following code in before I called the needed values with Mage::getStoreConfig():

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One Response to Magento: Mage::getStoreConfig() and Cache

  1. Sam says:

    I was looking for something like this a while ago, as I have a list of the most viewed items in my footer, but with cache on it doesn’t update until the cache is refreshed. However, I’ve added this to my footer.phtml, just before my Mage::getStoreConfig code, and it still isn’t working. Are you using it in a template phtml file?