Magento: Enable Editing Order With Configurable, Grouped, and Bundled Products?

I was working with a friend yesterday who was working on a website that used a lot of grouped products, but also had the need to be able to edit orders in Magento. The bummer thing about Magento and editing orders: You can’t fully do it with configurable, grouped, or bundled products. It will let you edit the order, but it will not transfer the products over to the new order. If you try to edit the orders, you will see a warning similar to:

This order contains (grouped) items and therefore cannot be edited through the admin interface at this time, if you wish to continue editing the (grouped) items will be removed, the order will be canceled and a new order will be placed.

Now here’s the interesting part that we discovered: If you add one simple line to app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/etc/config.xml, you can kind of get it to work. Search that file for ‘available_product_types’. Within that tag, you’ll find simple and virtual tags. Add ‘‘, ‘‘, and/or ‘‘ there and save the file.

Now, refresh the order in the admin. When you click edit, you will no longer receive the same warning, and the products will come over to the duplicated order. Interesting!

This begs the question: Why doesn’t Magento have any other product types enabled for editing products besides simple and virtual? I wonder if there is good reason behind it. Perhaps adding ‘‘ above makes it look like it works, but behind the scenes, something is getting messed up?

I have tried this with all three product types. Here is what I discovered:

Grouped Products: It seems to work perfectly. The products come over, and there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the original order and the duplicated order.

Configurable & Bundled Products: It works, but only partially. The products get transferred to the new order, but the options do not. The price is accurate, but you are missing the selections made by the user.

Unfortunately, this post is not a solution, but merely a sharing of a discovery. I wish I had a solid solution to offer. Configurable, Grouped, and Bundled products are pretty common among the numerous Magento websites that I have seen and developed. Why Magento hasn’t yet made editing orders with these product types is a huge question for a lot of Magento users out there. I can only assume that Magento hasn’t implemented it yet for a good reason. Hopefully they will add this functionality soon.

As always, I would never suggest editing core files directly. If you want to experiment making these changes other than just a quick experiment, then create a proper module to do so.

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2 Responses to Magento: Enable Editing Order With Configurable, Grouped, and Bundled Products?

  1. Nath says:

    what about stock though? I think magento destock’s the quantity twice?.

  2. Amy says:

    I ran into this problem with configurable products and began to wonder if it would be easier to change the behavior of the product on the front end (like in the add to cart function) rather than changing the behavior of orders on the backend.

    For configurable products, at least, I have found a solution – the Simple Configurable Products extension by Matt Dean. Though you are showing Configurable products on your storefront, the extension adds the associated Simple Product to the cart based on the attributes selected by the customer.