Magento: Running on Nginx

Typically, on both my local development environment, and on the servers I deploy most Magento sites on, I am running on the Apache web server. We recently decided to try installing Nginx on a server to see how well it ran Magento. The results were stunning.

I will probably have more posts on this eventually, so forgive the lack of information in this post. I just wanted to get the word out there at least that I am extremely impressed with Nginx. It is blazing fast. Just today I ran an import of just over 26,000 customer records, and it completed it (importing 5 records at a time) in under 30 minutes. That’s fast!

So you may want to check it out if you are interested in a much, much faster server environment for Magento (and for anything else for that matter).

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3 Responses to Magento: Running on Nginx

  1. Jay Lepore says:


    We are thinking of switching to a faster web server for our Magento Project.

    I notice this post is late last year. Have you finished the NGINX project or do you have further expertise to weigh in on with since then ?



    • Josh Pratt says:

      Jay – We have a number of Magento sites up and running on nginx servers. I myself haven’t had to really deal with the setup and config though. You can certainly feel free to contact the company that I work for though – as we’ve got a guy that’s good at setting up that kind of stuff there.

  2. Don’t forget to mention that we also implemented php-fpm along with Nginx. It currently seems to be the fastest way to serve PHP code.