Magento 1.4 Released

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It’s a bit late to be posting this, as 1.4 was released at least a couple weeks ago now. But, I just wanted to at least comment on it. I am extremely thrilled at some of the improvements. There are too many to list and discuss now, so if you want a full list, you can check it out on Magento’s website.

Perhaps the best improvement has been done with the addition of the WYSIWYG built-in to Magento (we finally don’t have to use the Fontis or Bouncing Orange extensions!). The widgets are also awesome, and really extends the usability and flexibility for clients.

Another much appreciated, but small fix, is the ability for Magento to remember what you were trying to do in the backend. Pre-1.4, if your admin session timed out and you had to log back in, you would be sent to the dashboard, no matter where you were at before. 1.4 now knows what you were clicking on, and sends you there after you login.

They also finally added what they call “custom variables”. This allows you to create variables such as a company phone number or address. You can then use the variable call on your transactional email templates and if you ever need to edit the phone number or address, you only have to do it in one place, instead of on every email.

There will always be a list of things that the community wishes Magento had that 1.4 still doesn’t have. But, let’s look at what it does have (which is quite impressive), remember that it just keeps getting better over time, and also remember that the price tag is $0. Don’t forget that you don’t have to use OSCommerce or ZenCart anymore too.

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