WordPress: Just Upgraded to 2.7 – Wow!

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When I saw that WordPress 2.7 released yesterday (Dec. 11th), I didn’t really think much of it. After all – I don’t have any complaints about what WordPress is doing for me now. However, I decided to take the couple minutes to check out the video that they posted about it and I quickly realized how stupid I would be if I didn’t upgrade!

I’m still exploring all the new features and I’m still in awe at the new user interface, but it is truly amazing. Check out the video for yourself! No need for me to list all the new features – the video does a fine job:

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2 Responses to WordPress: Just Upgraded to 2.7 – Wow!

  1. Dustin says:

    That does look sweet. I’ve never touched WordPress–only Blogger. We even use blogger for some clients who want a blog page…I’m going to investigate this!

  2. |pez| says:

    I *love* WordPress 2.7
    Just need to start poking around at making myself a new shiny theme, and actually start blogging again.