YouTube: Creating and Using Playlists

I discovered something great the other day, and I figured I would pass it along for any of you that don’t know about it. YouTube is loaded with music. You can usually find the song you are looking for. So, instead of buying music to listen to at home or work, you can create playlists in YouTube if you have created an account.

When you have created a playlist, you can then to go your playlists, select one, and click “Play All”, and it will cycle through the entire playlist without you having to touch anything. So, open up a new tab in your browser, create a playlist, add a bunch of songs to it, click “Play All”, and you’ll have some nice listening without touching a thing!

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2 Responses to YouTube: Creating and Using Playlists

  1. Mr Speaker says:

    Thanks very much – your playlist post got me thinkin’… so i wasted my saturday integrating the YouTube playlists into turntubelist – just whack the id on the end of the url, like so: – if you put it in “auto play” mode it crossfades between all the tracks.

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. Mr Speaker says:

    He he… I was on your blog looking for Magento help, but seeing as I found this post too, I’ll take the opportunity to plug – a web app a friend and I made to cross-fade youtube tracks. I’m integrating the playlist feature soon!