Basecamp API: PHP Class – Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 is now released. Please check out the Basecamp PHP Class page for new documentation and download information.

There were a lot of changes, new methods (including file attachments), and bug fixes in 1.1. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I like to get it out into the user’s hands for feedback and bug-tracking. If you are noticing something that isn’t working, or is glitchy, first check the method documentation within the class itself to make sure you are using it correction, then if it still isn’t working right – please let me know! (Post a comment here).

I may have easily incorrectly documented something, or forgot to make changes. I ran out of time this evening and had to rush through it. So, please keep that in mind!

I am very open to making quick changes/fixes and releases. One of the best ways to contact me is through AIM (“creativearcjosh”). Feel free to hop on and ask questions or make suggestions if I’m online.

I want to make this PHP class good, and solid. So – I love the feedback and suggestions. Keep them coming!

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One Response to Basecamp API: PHP Class – Version 1.1 Released

  1. jerich says:

    hi i cant post a message using php and your class. need your idea on this, what i am trying to do is save an information to basecamp api. i used 1.11, i can connect but i cant post a message or comments, etc. thanks in advance.