Magento: Product Import Script Beta Testing

The project is no longer active. If you want to use the best import tool out there, use uRapidFlow by Unirgy. You can ready my review of this extension for more information.

The product import script has reached a point where it would be very, very useful if people were willing to test it out a bit. It’s not fully ready by any means – but it IS importing products. I’m reaching a point though were it is difficult for me to test every different situation and different kinds of data.

So, I need people who are genuinely interested in seeing this import script come to life. Here is what I’m needing in a beta tester:

  • Clearly investigate and document the issues you run into (errors, line numbers, etc.)
  • Willingness to put the script to the test – try everything you can to find bugs
  • Try importing various different sets of data
  • Must be confidential until release of features, issues, and everything else. (You can tell people you are testing it and how it’s going – just don’t give details away yet)
  • Will not give out files to anyone else
  • Overall willingness and eagerness to help make this script great!

If you are willing to help, please post a comment and what level of experience you have had with using Magento. If you know PHP pretty well, please let me know – as a lot of PHP experience is a major plus if you are willing to get into my code to help me troubleshoot issues and make the script better. I will probably only be selecting a max of 3-5 people to start. I will probably be setting up a private area for all of us to post files, bugs, etc. so that we’ll have a central place to collaborate.

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8 Responses to Magento: Product Import Script Beta Testing

  1. jyothish says:

    i am on a project of importing products into magento in the back end. I have experience in php and newbie in magento. I would like to join with this good initiative .

  2. Bryan says:

    I would also be very interested.. working on my 5th magento powered site, and need something very similar to work with importing products from a feed provided by a distributor. Very experienced with magento. Please contact with any questions!

  3. William says:

    I currently have a number of blank Magento sites that i use to test uploads etc – I’ll be willing to test out your scripts with documented results.

  4. eklipseone says:

    total newbie with magento. would love to represent on this side of the spectrum

  5. websuperman says:

    I would be willing to help test as well. I don’t have php experience as I am just getting my feet wet with PHP but I do have experience working with product import scripts with other ecommerce solutions. I would be happy to get this going and help make the script better.

  6. Vinai says:

    Hey Josh, I have plenty of experience with Magento and php :)
    I would like to help test the script.
    Do you have sample data to work with?


  7. pbosch says:


    experience: developing 2 magento commerce websites, 1 is finished, have successfully imported 1200 products. I create first an XMl file with the normal attributes, know how to import etc.