PHP: Learning OOP Is Challenging

I haven’t been posting much lately because most of my free time is being poured into trying to learn Object-Oriented PHP. With the development of the Magento Product Import Script, I figured it was time to “bite the bullet” and start developing the script with classes instead of the initial procedural style that I used.

It has bee good so far. Most of the existing script has been fully converted to classes and functions. However, the most frustrating part is that – I always feel like there’s an even better way to do what I’m doing. So, I get hung up on the little details and often don’t make much progress.

I guess you have to start somewhere though. I can always keep re-writing the script to make it better, and using it as my own learning project.

If any of you have any advice (that you wish you would have known earlier in your OOP learning days), please post a comment.

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