Magento: Product Import Script Design Contest

I am a developer, and definitely not a designer. That said, it would be wise for me not to attempt to make this script look good. So, I am opening up a competition for any of you who are interested. Below, you will see a screen shot of the form that will be used for the import script. Here are the details of the contest:


Contestants will must transform the form from boring and ugly, to awesome, colorful, and fun. This form is in no strict order. I just threw up the form fields. Feel free to move things around and orgnaize it however you want! To qualify, contestants must abide by these rules:

  • Have validated XHTML Strict code
  • Good use of a separate CSS file (validated)
  • Tested in FF, IE, Safari | Mac and Windows
  • No using tables
  • No using Flash
  • Javascript must be compatible with jQuery (if you use JS)
  • Make room for errors/messages to be displayed
  • Make it flexible if more config is necessary
  • Make it look awesome
  • Deadline: Friday, October 31

The winner will be selected by me, and will have stuck to all the rules above. The winner will be based on originality of design, creativity. Also, you will have the satisfaction of having your design used in (hopefully) a highly-used Magento Import Script (you will be named and thanked in the script).

To submit your design, please post a comment with a link to your design (either an actual HTML page, or to a screen shot). Feel free to list the features and brag about it if you wish in your comments.

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