WordPress: Different Number of Posts on Home Page

I am building a WordPress website for a friend of mine, and he requested that there be 5 posts on the home page, and 30 posts per page after that. Anyone familiar with WordPress knows that, out of the box, it cannot do that. You only have one option: “Blog pages show at most.” This value is global, so it effects every page.

I spent a while searching the code, searching wordpress.org, searching google, asking on IRC, until finally I came across a plugin that sounded like what I needed. But, I was bummed to find out that it was built for version 2.3 (I have 2.6). I searched the comments, and it sounded like people had found that parts of it worked with 2.6 still. So, I downloaded it and gave it a shot.

It’s called, “Custom Query String Reloaded.” It was re-created by named “Moshu”, and I found it on his blog. After installing it, I made a query for “is_home” and set the posts to 5. Then I set WordPress’ settings for “Blog pages show at most” to 30. That’s all there was to it!

Download Custom Query String Reloaded


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