Unix: Find What You've Recently Edited

Sometimes, I have found it extremely useful to search my computer for files that I have recently edited. Fortunately, unix/linux folk have the command line to use (there may be windows equivelants, I really don’t know though). Here are some easy and useful ways to search. So – open up the Terminal/Command line and have at it: (Note: the find command always searches recursively)

Search for files you’ve edited within the last 7 days on your entire computer
$ find / -mtime -7

Search a specific folder for files you’ve edited in the last 60 minutes
$ find ~/Sites/testsite -mmin -60

Search for files in the current directory ending in .php that you’ve edited in the last day
$ find . -name "*.php" -mtime -1

Search for files you’ve edited more than 3 days ago but not longer than 5 days ago
$ find . -mtime +3 -mtime -5

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