Drop.io: Free and Easy Private File Sharing

If you haven’t heard of drop.io yet, you might be glad you came across this post. Drop.io is a new website that offers free and unlimited 100mb file “drops” which you can make public or you can password protect them. You can have it last for as short as 1 day, or for as long as 1 year from the last time it was viewed.

It’s more than just a virtual file “drop” though. Once you have created a drop, you can make it so that people can just “view only”, “view and add”, or “view, add, and delete”. When you have your drop, you can use it however you wish. But again, it’s more than viewing, adding, and deleting. There are many ways to add content to your drop:

Email or MMS

You can easily email files to your drop by sending an email to: “dropname@drop.io”. If you have your drop set to “view only”, this feature won’t work. If you have the ability for people to add enabled, and you want even more security to the email feature, you can set an email key like this: “dropname.emailkey@drop.io”. Any files that you attach will be uploaded to your drop, and any text you add to the email will be included as comments.


Each drop has it’s own phone number and extension. Make the call, wait for the prompt, and start recording. Your voicemail will be converted to an MP3 and uploaded to your drop. The only limitation is the size of your drop. If there’s nothing in your drop, you’ve got 100mb to work with. If you’ve only got a couple of mb left, be careful. If you go over your limit, the entire voicemail will be lost. 100mb will get you about 400 minutes of voicemail.


You can receive faxes right into your drop. Do use this feature, login to your drop as the admin, and through a simple form you can email a special coversheet (which includes the phone number and instructions) to whomever you wish. The sender will then send their fax, and it will be converted to a PDF and uploaded into your drop.

FireFox Plugin

With the free FireFox plugin, you can drag and drop files right into FireFox. You can also bookmark drops for easy access. Instead of me explaining it, you’d benefit much more by watching the video on this page.

The Upload Widget

Your drop will supply you with a code snippet to include on any other website which will create a simple form allowing anyone to easily upload files directly to your drop.

From Inside Your Drop

Right from within your drop, you can add/delete files and comments very easily.

Other Features

On top of easy and free file sharing, there are other features that make drop.io an amazing service:

  • Facebook: Easily import a drop to your Facebook profile
  • Twitter Alerts: You can have your Twitter status updated when the drop is updated
  • SMS Alerts: Receive a text message on your phone when your drop is updated
  • Email Alerts: Receive an email when your drop is updated
  • RSS: Subscribe to your drop in your favorite feed reader
  • Dropcast: Subscribe to your drop as an iTunes podcast
  • Bookmark: Easily bookmark the drop through your favorite service

Conference Calls

This seems like an odd service to include with a drop, but your drop does have it’s own phone number and conference call extension. So, if you need to have a conference call, and wanted to show someone some documents, you could send them your drop link, have tell them to look at the documents, and call the conference number listed there. Important Note: Conference calls are NOT recorded and uploaded to your drop.

Drop.io Premium Service

Drop.io does offer premium paid services for those who need a little extra. The free service requires that your drop name be 7+ characters long. With premium, you can have drop names as little as 2 characters. Other than that, the only other extra is the size of your drop. The pricing formula is: 1GB x 1 Year x 1 Drop = $10. You can change any of those numbers ranging from, 1-25GB, 1-3 Years, and 1,2,3,5, or 10 Drops. So, 5GB x 1 Year x 1 Drop = $50. 10GB x 2 Years x 1 Drop = $200. You get the idea. You can purchase this service for a new drop, or upgrade an existing drop that you already have.


There are even more features that I have not listed here that you get with every drop at drop.io. And, they are continually working to make drop.io better, and continually adding features. So, if you think it is awesome now, just wait – it will only get better.

All of the features I talked about in this article, except for the premium services, are completely free! You aren’t even limited to just one drop. You don’t even need an account to use it! It couldn’t be more easy to use, and the features abound. Don’t just take it from me, try it for yourself!

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